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Welcome to a new era of collaboration and innovation. PhoenixDAO is more than just a collection of dApps; it's a launchpad for building the future of Web3. Join a passionate community where ideas take flight and dApps can come to life. Together, we're reimagining DeFi, NFTs, and decentralized governance, creating a vibrant ecosystem where everyone has the power to contribute and thrive.

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Phoenix Events dApp - Own Your Events

  • Transparent fraud-proof event ticketing and management platform to help maximize revenue generation.
  • Events Marketplace allows event attendees to secure tickets with crypto and verify authenticity of peer to peer ticket transfer via Phoenix Identity protocol.
  • No discrimination or unjustifiable censorship. Open to everyone from anywhere on the go. Click..click..Boom.
  • Minted NFT tickets gives everyone the power to own and earn from their content or knowledge-base.
  • Multichain marketplace available on Ethereum and Polygon network.

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Phoenix Identity

Phoenix Identity

Powered by ERC-1484, this protocol both creates and links digital identities across different DeFi based dApps, apps and APIs.
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Phoenix Authentication

Blockchain based 2-factor authentication protocol to verify DeFi app logins and approve transactions using your digital identity.
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Pheonix Payments

Phoenix Payments

Smart contracts to facilitate payments without a 3rd party escrow service.

Phoenix Dao

Phoenix DAO

Self sustaining governance over the dApp ecosystem ensuring 1 person 1 vote via Phoenix Identity and Authentication protocols. Self sustaining governance over the ecosystem.
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Rise from the Ashes, Together

PhoenixDAO is more than a project; it's a phoenix rising from the ashes. Here, power doesn't reside in the hands of a few, but in the collective spirit of a vibrant community

We believe in the power of shared vision, collaborative creation, and democratic decision-making. With every vote, every line of code, every dApp we built, we forge a stronger, more equitable future, owned and driven by the very people who make it soar.

Join the community, participate in governance, and build with PhoenixDAO - https://t.me/PHNXDAO


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